Do I have to be home to receive a delivery?

No, our delivery man can leave your order with a maid or at reception. Please make arrangements with your maid or the person at reception to receive the order and make payment. 

Do you deliver everything to Hanoi, Danang and another place?

Presently, we cannot deliver perishable items to Hanoi and Danang. When you see the the red note "This product is only available to HCMC customers.".This product  it means that this product can't be shipped to Danang and Hanoi.

How do I pay for a delivery?


You pay the deliveryman in cash at the time your order is delivered. Try to have enough change available for your order.

HCMC customer can pay by credit card direct with deliveryman.

How long is it until I receive my order?


All orders are received and packed in Dalat. They are shipped in the evening from Dalat to HCMC.

  1. The following morning Hanoi orders are flown from Dalat to Hanoi by truck. Hanoi customers will receive their order on Tuesday and Friday morning.
  2. HCMC customers receive their orders according to their CHECKOUT preferences

Should I tip the deliveryman?


We pay our deliverymen a reasonable wage. You may tip them but please do not feel under any obligation to do so.

What do you charge for a delivery?


The delivery fees are as follows:

     a) in HCMC, except Thao Dien, the fee is VND20,000 ( in Thao Dien, delivery is free)

     b) in Dalat the delivery fee is VND5,000

     c) in Hanoi the delivery fee is VND20,000.

     d) in Danang the delivery fee in VND50,000 . ( with Hoi An delivery fee is VND80,000)

This fee is included on your invoice and paid to the deliveryman.

What do you charge for shipping?


HCMC customers had shipping costs are included in the price. 

We do charge Hanoi customers VND 17,000/Kg for transport fee between Dalat and Hanoi.

Danang customers pay VND7,000/Kg for shipment by bus from Dalat to Danang.

What do you mean by "delivery"?

We use "delivery" to talk about moving orders around by motorbike inside a city.

What do you mean by "shipping"?

We use the word "shipping" to talk about moving orders by truck and plane between cities. Our goods are shipped from Dalat to HCMC by truck. They go from Dalat to Hanoi by plane or refigerator truck and from Dalat to Danang by bus. 

Why don't you deliver what I order?


We try hard to deliver everything you order but sometime this does not happen.

1. Sometimes we run out of something at the last moment or we find that the quality of what we have is not good enough. You should receive a packing list the evening before your delivery arrives. Please check this to see which items are not included.

2. Sometimes we make a mistake and forget to pack something for you. We apologize for this and keep trying to improve. You can help us imporve by letting us know when you are not satisfied with our deliveries. One way to do this is by sending an email to Tram at tram.np@organikvn.com. Or you can put a  note in your next order.

3. Sometimes, we don't receive your email order because of browser problems. Please try to use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera. For the first order, please check your order with Hung Thien 063  350 0995 or Quynh 063 397 0584.

What are place you can deliver?


If you not live at HCMC, Hanoi, Danang. Please sent information to us at orders@organikvn.com, thien.nvh@organikvn.com . We will sent for you some information for orders, delivery.