Hanoi Customers

Organik delivers to Hanoi customers every Tuesdays and Fridays morning. However, sometimes the truck arrives late. When this happens we will try let you know. 


Do you deliver daily?


Organik's shipment from Dalat to Hanoi arrives on Tuesday and Friday morning. Please follow the guidelines below so you can receive your order on the day of your choice.

* For a Tuesday delivery, please place your order before 12 noon Saturday.
* For a Friday delivery, please place your order before 12 Noon on Tuesday.

Organik delivers in Hanoi each Tuesday and Friday after 6:AM. When Hanoi customers go through check out they cannot use the drop-down boxes to choose the day and time of delivery. These boxes are for HCMC customers only. If you want to receive your delivery at a specific time on Monday and Thursday please put a note for (Cali) Mr Hung Thien in the "Your Note To Us" box during check-out.

What time do you deliver?

Organik delivers to customers in Hanoi every Tuesday and Friday. The exact time of delivery may change depending on the truck schedules. If you live outside of the city please contact Arlene at arlene@organikvn.com for rates.

What are the cost assosiated with bringing an orders to my home?


We ship your orders by cool trucks.          

* The cost of truck adds VND17,000 to each kilogram you order.

* There is also a delivery cost of VND20,000.

These charges will be included in your final invoice.

What are the payment options for customers?


The simplest payment form is to give the deliveryman cash when he delivers your order. If you would rather pay monthly ask ORGANIK for details on paying by Bank Transfer. Organik is willing to pay the Bank Transfer charge. To make Bank Transfer arrangements please contact Ms Uyen at orders@organikvn.com, or Arlene at arlene@organikvn.com.

Do you deliver everything to Ha Noi?

Presently, we cannot deliver perishable items to Hanoi. When you see the the red note "This product is only available to HCMC customers.".This product  it means that this product can't be shipped to Hanoi.