The most important part of our distribution system is fresh. We want the vegetables, herbs and fruit to arrive at your door in 'fresh' condition. First of all our products don't sit for days in storage rooms before they are sent out to you. Usually its a harvest one day ship the next day proceedure. During any waiting periods we have a large cold room that is constantly kept at 4 degrees C. That means your order has not had time to deteriorate.


 We pack everything in foam boxes surrounded by ice. That means the 'cold chain' (see ) is not broken. Shipments are made to Saigon at night when temperatures are cooler. Our hard working deliverymen often start their day at 5AM in an effort to get things to your fridge as soon as possible.

Hanoi & Danang customers have to wait a little longer. There we make sure that the truck carrying our good do everything possible to ensure that your order is kept cool and fresh.