da nang nho
Danang Customers

Organik delivers to Danang customers every Tuesday afternoon and Fridays afternoon. Your orders are now shipped by bus from Dalat. The bus leaves daily at 1.00PM and arrives in Danang  between 10.00-12.00 A.M the next day. Your order will be delivered to you in the afternoon. However please note: we need to receive your order at least 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE to catch the 1.00PM bus.


How are minimum you can deliver?


We can sent foam box from Dalat to Danang. Box usually  can keep quanlity of goods.

There is no minimum for our Danang customers. However we would appreciate it if your order was at least 200,000VND.

When do you deliver?

Organik delivers vegetables on Tuesday and Friday in the weeks. Please order before 2.00 P.M TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE so we can pack and get it on the bus at 1.00 P.M.  Once your order is packed and on the bus it will arrive in Danang between 10.00 to 12.00 A.M the Tuesday and Friday, and the deliver men will come to your home around 1.00 P.M to 3.00 P.M.  If you live outside of the city please contact Arlene at arlene@organikvn.com for rates.

What are the costs associated with bringing an order to my home?


We now ship your orders by bus. This is good for you, our customer, because it reduces your shipping costs.  

          a. The cost of bus adds VND7,000 to each kilogram you order.

          b. The cost of bringing the order to your home is VND50,000 per box for Danang. To Hoi An is 80,000VND.

These charges will be included in your final invoice.

What are the payment options for customers?


      Organik would like to thank you for your order. Please pay for your order by means of a monthly bank transfer. Here is how this works:  

            1. At the end of every month Ms Uyen, our Dalat staff, will email you a statement telling you what you need to pay.

            2. Compare this statement with the invoices you received with the applicable delivery invoices. If there are any discrepancies resolve them with Ms Uyen. If you feel you need help on this call Dr Hung 091 367-9163 or Arlene at  090 273-3841.

            3. Go to a bank and transfer the amount owing to the following bank. 

                                    Bank Name: VietinBank

                                    Account Name: Nguyen Thi Phuong

                                    Account Number: 101010000631335

                                    Branch: Lam Dong


             a. Some banks, such as HSBC, allow you to transfer funds via internet banking. 

             b. If you transfer the funds in person you do not need to go to a VietinBank. Any bank can tranfer your funds to the VietinBank.

             Note: contact Ms Uyen at orders@organikvn.com or Arlene at arlene@organikvn.com.

Do you deliver everything to Danang?

Presently, we cannot deliver perishable items to Danang. When you see the the red note "This product is only available to HCMC customers.".This product  it means that this product can't be shipped to Danang.