Basa fish ( Pangassius)

Basa fish fillet

Product Standard: Organic

This product is only available to HCMC custormers.

Product Brand: Natuland

Product Characteristics: The basa fish, is native to Mekong River Delta in Vietnam. They are labeled in the North America as Basa fish. In Europe, These fish are marketed as pangassius.

Red Caviar, Roland


This product is only available to HCMC custormers

Product Brand: Roland

Product Origin: Iceland

Ingredients: Lumpfish Roe, Salt, Water, Tragacanth gum ( Stabilizer), Sodium Benzoate (as preservative), artificial colors FD&C Red#3,Red#40, Yellow#6)

Product Characteristics: Roland Red Caviar is whole grain and is produced from lumpfish roe. The lumpfish are caught in the North Sea between Iceland and Denmark. The caviar is a firm, crunchy texture with a pronounced yet delicate fishflavor.

Product Features: Natural, No Gluten, No Trans fat - Product Features Explained